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EMR South works with providers and staff to find solutions for any workflow issues that may be decreasing productivity or causing implementations to not go as smoothly as they should. This is just a sample of a few of the items we have implemented.

Opportunity: A provider came to us inquiring about a better way to annotate lab results. In other modules, they have the use of text templates but in Annotations that feature is not available. For this we introduced a piece of software that allows a provider to set up personal text templates. This allows them to have full control over the text, with the ability to change them as needed. After setting up a template they would just press the designated keys {CTRL-N} and a result message would display in the annotation. (All lab results within normal limits.) Providers started using these in other areas of TouchWorks as well. (Cost: $20 (Volume Discount Available))

Opportunity: A provider was having difficulties viewing information on his screen. When he changed the display settings the screens did not fit or look right. We were able to install software on their PC that allows them to magnify areas of the screen to be able to see them more clearly. (Cost: Free)

Opportunity: Medical records staff were tying up printers or fax machines by sending large jobs when requests for records came in. We were able to set up a driver to print records to a protected PDF file and place this data on a CD or jump drive. This saved time, toner, paper and fax server usage. (Cost: Varies)

Opportunity: A clinic with multiple offices was having a situation where one clinic would choose another clinic’s printer when printing from the EMR. We were able to set up the print server to separate printer lists by department/clinic, resolving the issue. (Cost: Free)

Opportunity: A clinic with multiple locations throughout their region needed to be able to conduct training at multiple locations. We researched and found a way that a trainer could carry a mobile training room from clinic to clinic. This solution was later used to add PCs to exam rooms.


We only needed one PC, and then we used 5 monitors, 5 keyboards and 5 mice to complete 5 workstations that users could log into and run separately. When used in exam rooms, each user that logged into these PC’s did so under there own security and were able to access all programs that were under their network security profile. This has been tested with both Novell and Windows NT/Active Directory.


  • Shares one host PC with up to 30 users (We suggest no more then 10)

  • Easy to set up, maintain and secure

  • Connect to host PC via Ethernet

  • Widescreen support (1440 x 900)

  • 24-bit graphic support

  • Microphone Port

  • Speaker Port

  • USB Memory Device support







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