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EMR South’s Tricks, Tips and Tools for EMR Implementations


Spot VitalsImport your patient’s vitals directly into your EMR. Blood Pressure, Pulse, Temperature and SP02. With the scale attachment, you can import weight and input height to calculate body mass index.

Camera on a Stick

Looking for an affordable, convenient way to import patients’ photographs into your EMR? For less than $20, these cameras are an effective and easy way to capture a patient’s photo anywhere. These flexible cameras can be placed at the front desk, to a triage station or attached to PCs, Laptops or Tablets.

USB Camera Options

Original Camera on a Stick

Camera on a Clip

Camera on a Foot

EMR South’s Custom Report Writer

ImpactMD/TouchChart Reporting

Many clients have expressed a need for statistical reporting from ImpactMD/TouchChart. Informational items requested include:

  • Number of charts scanned for a specific clinic/location.

  • Number of pages scanned by a specific user by date.

  • Detailed Patient Listings of Scanned Charts by user/date

We have developed a program for reporting this data and can customize it for your clinic. Call us for a demonstration.

Scan Usuage Report

Allscripts TouchWorks, GE Centricity Business and GE Group Management Reporting

At EMR South, we recognize the need for enhanced reporting functionality. Many organizations have Practice Management and/or EMR software packages that include numerous standard reports. Even with these built-in reporting options, it's possible that complex reporting requirements can not be met. Or you may have experience designing custom reports, but your time would be better spent focusing on other projects. EMR South is ready to assist with your reporting needs!


  • Scheduling
    Is it sometimes a challenge to get sufficient report development time from your development staff’s busy schedules?
    EMR South's custom report developers can supplement your staff for a specific project focus..

  • Remote Custom Report Development
    EMR South will obtain the specifications for the report you wish to have develop, and then contact you with a time and fee estimate. Once you agree to the time frame and terms of the estimate, we will begin designing your report.

  • Dedicated Writer
    Maybe you are budgeting for a larger project that will require many hours of report writing and you would like someone dedicated specifically to your organization for a period of time.  Someone who will work directly with your staff designing and creating the needed reports and also be immediately available for any support questions you may have during this time.

  • Training
    Maybe you have a resource that has experience with MS Access, Touchworks Reports, the Analytics product and report writing, but is unsure of how to maximize the functionality. Our staff will work with yours via a one-on-one remote session to educate and train on how to convert your data into the perfect report for your organization.

Whatever your organization needs to be more robust and efficient in the area of reporting, EMR South can assist. To obtain a free, no obligation estimate for any service listed, please contact a sales representative by email at emrsouth@emrsouth.com with the details and an example of what you would like created.

Lab Interface System

EMR South has a solution for automating the electronic delivery of in-office lab results from the laboratory devices into TouchWorks electronically. This eliminates the chance of error due to data entry. This solution can also be used as a middleware product to handle all of your lab interfaces and connections to outside reference labs, such as Quest and Labcorp, which saves you money and time. By using a product like this, you will only have one interface for all labs going into Allscripts TouchWorks thus only one interface in Connect-R to manage.