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ConnectR Support & Training


EMR South provides in-depth training and implementation help for ConnectR, we can help you with all your interfacing needs.


EMR South's consultants have created and trained on the following interfaces.  We can help you create or troubleshoot your interfaces and put together a plan to keep your interfaces up to date and your errors worked efficiently.

  • Reg/Sched

  • ADT

  • Orders

  • Results

  • Charges

  • Medications from one EMR to another.


When we train on ConnectR we not only go over all the screens and options but also put together training material for your specific connectR implementation and instructions for the errors that are specific for you site with instructions for remediation of all your errors and what your T-Tables do and when they need to be updated.

Control Bar


Interface Remediation

Need assistance with your interfaces? EMR South offers a service where our staff will access your interface logs and work the errors, make corrections as needed and submit a report to you on how many errors were found, corrected and if we were unable to correct the error we will research the error and submit back to you the information needed for either your interface programmer, or vendor to work from. We can do this for you full time, where we check your system daily or we can be contracted to do this while the person who normally does this job at your site is out. Call us for more on this service and our rate.

Lab Interface System

EMR South has a solution for automating the electronic delivery of in-office lab results from the laboratory devices into TouchWorks electronically. This eliminates the chance of error due to data entry. This solution can also be used as a middleware product to handle all of your lab interfaces and connections to outside reference labs, such as Quest and Labcorp, which saves you money and time. By using a product like this, you will only have one interface for all labs going into Allscripts TouchWorks thus only one interface in Connect-R to manage.