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EHR/PMS Selection, Training and Implementation

  • TouchWorks Project Team Training: EMR South staff conduct on site training for your project team, training them on the modules that they are planning to bring up in both how the module works as well as administration and build work that goes into each module.  The training has also proven to be informative and helpful for modules that have already been implemented as it gives the team new prospectives and ideas as well as for new staff on the project team. This training also explores System Administration, ConnectR, TWAdmin and Admin.  Training materials are delivered for your staff to keep that our customized to your installation.

  • Training Materials: EMR South has trainers that will create curriculum to match your workflow for any product.  We know people learn in different ways and thats why we create training material for many different learning styles.   Our training manuals contain concise instruction with screen shots to help more visual learners.  We put together complete training for each product, for both the expert as well as the beginner.  We document all features, but also make a role based training for end users.  Talk to us about your needs.

  • Train the Trainer: After creating manuals we can assist you in training your trainers to conduct informative training sessions, that both keep their students attention but also promotes retention of the training material.  EMR South is also available to train your staff as needed as well.

  • Staffing: Acquiring and retaining qualified staff remains a significant challenge in IT Healthcare management.  Allow EMR South to help you find, train and mentor a candidate right in your area.  Our mentorship program places a consultant on site with your staff member. Our consultant will perform the staff members role while training them to take over the position.  During this transition EMR South will document job duties, policies and procedures to ensure long term retention of training.  As your staff member progresses, our consultant will remain available to answer questions and help needed on or offsite.

  • Assessments: EMR South has a workflow and application assessment process to grade your implementation, this assessment promotes the positives and can find opportunites as well that will enhance your EMR implementation and work flows.

  • Implementation: EMR South certified implementation consultants can guide you through the entire implementation of your Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Practice Management System (PMS). With this service, a professional consultant will manage the EHR rollout over a period of several months, depending on the size of the medical practice or hospital. Practices typically take 2 to 3 months to implement an EHR or PMS system.

    Rather than hire a full-time project manager or IT professional, our consultatants will work part-time, investing time when needed to move the implementation project along. This saves you the cost of full-time staff. We also have staff that can supplement your own, providing your staff with that needed "right on time" boost of staff to help with builds, testing and implementation. Our staff of professionals work to train your staff to be able to be self reliant and independent, while still being available for questions thru Email, phone calls or in person.

    Full description of implementation services:

    • Meet with EHR committee
    • Review type and size of facilities, specialties, documentation preferences
    • Write initial implementation roll-out plan for presentation to all staff involved in the EHR project
    • Develop a complete Implementation Plan for each practice
    • Provide Project Management documents and tools, including timelines
    • Assess workflow, and provide workflow management plans and flow sheets.
    • Coordinate purchase and installation of all hardware if needed
    • Coordinate purchase and installation of all software if needed
    • Coordinate HIS, LIS, Practice Management, and Pharmacy interfaces
    • Develop templates (Text, Medcin, SOAP)
    • Coordinate training schedule, develop training manuals and curriculum.
    • Train the trainers, staff and providers as needed.
    • Establish ROI targeting and tracking plans to measure implementation success
    • Practice Assessments: Identify practice efficiencies and inefficiencies and recommend actions to improve staff productivity and practice performance
    • Review eHealth technologies that improve practice performance, such as dictation solutions, document management, and data storage
    • Test Change Management, Workflow Management to insure ROI
    • Provide Return on Investment (ROI) reports to keep implementation cost-efficient
    • Monitor ROI targeting plan with quarterly benchmarks.
    • Recommend data mining initiatives that support reduced malpractice premiums, improved payor relations, such as pay-for-performance, and participation in clinical trials
    • Build and Test EHR / PMS system.
    • Implement your EHR/PMS
    • Monitor the effectiveness of your EHR/PMS
    • Provide bi-annual check ups on your system and effectiveness.

    EMR South also has a program for helping you find, retain and train new staff members to run your EHR Implementation.

  •  Deployments

    • Provided work flow review, custom training material and training, with job aids along with simulation and go-live support to help a client come live on Allscripts Enterprise version 11.1.5
    • Provided System Admin /TWAdmin/Admin/ConnectR training for a clients new staff members for a client on Allscripts Enterprise V10.2.7
    • Implemented and trained a clients staff on GE Centricity Practice Management System
    • Project Management: Rolled out Orders/Results and Charge for a client on 10.2.5 of Allscripts Entrprise